Our research

2D material-metal interfaces

Strong interaction between semiconducting TMDCs and metallic substrates and the resulting strain and charge transfer are fascinating from the fundamental perspective and underpin applications relying on semiconductor-metal contacts.

Electrolyte gating of 2D materials

Electrostatic gating of 2D semiconductors by ionic electrolytes is the most efficient way to induce extreme charge carrier densities and studying exotic phenomena inaccesible by the less efficient dielectric gating.

Spectroelectrochemistry of graphene

In-situ Raman spectroscopy and electrochemistry at a micrometer scale using a unique microdroplet electrochemical cell allow for simultaneous monitoring of the electronic band structure and chemical reactivity of graphene.

Layered material photodetectors

Topological insulators, such as Bi2SeTe2, exhibit self-biased photodetecting behavior, which eliminates the need for an external power source or bias, and has potential use for low-power and remote-sensing operations.